About Karina Saib

Karina Saib

Makeup artist, micropigmentation professional, eyebrows design, fan and passionate about people's essence and fashion! Super connected in social networks and youtube.

Hi, how are things going with you? I am Karina Saib! I am graduated in Fashion, post-graduated in visagism, image and skin physiology consulting. I work as an eyebrow designer and makeup artist for 12 years, cooperating for all my life with brands such as Kryolan, Mac and Contém 1g in Brazil.

In the micropigmentation area, I am official certified by Goldeneye (micropigmentation international company) for 5 years, combined with design, I use the fine hair strokes stimulation to proceed in the eyebrows. But micropigmentationis not only resumed to eyebrows, my techniques and formation allow me to act in the camouflage of spots and stretch marks as well!

In Brazil, I assist some famous personalities from tv and music such as Samara Felippo, Marisol Ribeiro, Chris Ubach, Preta Gil among others.

I've worked with São Paulo Fashion Week – SPFW for six years and in many fashion editorials.

My international works are being held currently in London, Dublin, Rome, Paris, Copenhagen, Sweden and Milan.

In this website you will meet several contents about makeup, dermopigmentation and self-makeup, all these contents are engaged by my guide word for life, which is the essence, because nothing better than self-knowledge and understand how beautiful we are on the way we are and be able to appreciate that!

And of course, you will be able to find more specific information about the courses that I teach here in Brazil and Europe: Self Makeup, Micropigmentation and Eyebrow Design.

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