The first step in Karina Saib’s eyebrows micropigmentation is the eyebrows’ design, noticing which aspects need to be improved and/or corrected, later, the pigment color for the skin will be sought, following a natural hair tone and then starts de micropigmentation process. The fine hair strokes technique guarantees more naturally to the final result. This technique can be used for the correction of the form, reconstruction in cases of total loss of the eyebrow’s hair and filling in the flaws correction.


In satins’ micropigmentation, the intention is to bring the most natural aspect possible to the areas with different tones of those natural skin tones. In some cases, the stains are more severe and require more sessions, other simpler can be solved in only one assistance. For this reason, a meticulous evaluation is made, detecting the satin aspects and searching for the right tone to correct the area.

It is highly recommended the dermatologist follow up, to take care of health is crucial and not always the stains are esthetic. However, if they bother you and don’t offer any damage to your health, they can be eliminated with the micropigmentation process.

Stretch marks

The stretch marks can show due to several causes, in the Market we find products that reduce or relieve their aspects, but none is definitive. Smaller they are, they cause discomfort in some people and with micropigmentation this is easy to solve.

After understanding which type of stretch marks in your case, you choose the best pigment to micropigment it. According to the case it’s solved in one session or more.

All micropigmentation require some special care and each step will be carefully explained by Karina Saib team. Are you interested in one of the processes? Do you have doubts? Contact us or make an appointment by clicking on the button by the end of the page! We wait for you.


It is like lipstick, but only semi-permanent! Enriches the shape of your lips or creates some new, giving color to it, rejuvenation and volume impression. It lasts about a year and half, after the first application, retouches are done between 40 and 60 days! It’s the mouth of your dreams!

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